Compendium of effective practice in higher education: Volume 2

The second volume of the Compendium of effective practice includes a wide range of contributions each focusing on enhancing student engagement and belonging within higher education. Although mainly UK focused, overseas contributions include those from Africa, Canada and Bahrain.

The second volume of the Compendium is divided into 6 main sections which include: Transition; Learning and teaching; Supporting students; Participation and belonging; Utilisation of data and ICT; Strategic change. Each of these sections comprises a number of academic papers which, through citing examples of good practice, identify and critique 'what works'.  By providing ‘real life’ examples of how organisational change can promote good practice and improve the student learning experience,  the second volume of the Compendium provides insight into how colleagues are riding the current external environment in a professional and innovative manner.

A useful and useable tool, together the two volumes of the Compendium encapsulate a wide range of different and exciting practical approaches which may be adopted and adapted by colleagues seeking to bring about positive change.