Glasgow Caledonian University Criminology case study

One of five criminology case studies selected by the C-Sap Criminology SIG.

Community Links was first piloted about 10 or more years ago and since then has been growing in strength. The module is offered to third year BA Social Science and Criminology students in place of a normal taught module. The aim of the module is to provide students with experience of working with an agency external to the university in order to allow them to practice and further develop their research skills in a context which enables them to understand the relevance of theoretical studies to practical social issues. The module provides the opportunity for students to learn how to: plan and carry out research activities; understand the relevance of specific social issues within a given agency; demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of a specified social issue; reflect on their experience of working within an outside agency: and draw conclusions about the role of, and the process of undertaking, research. The projects are within the broad field of social issues and involve research, analysis and the production of a piece of written work. Examples of the types of tasks students are required to undertake include short research papers, agency reports on a specified problem, briefing papers, information booklets or pamphlets.


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