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  1. Employability and work-based learning

    Part of the HEA& #39;s Learning and Employability series, this guide explores work-based learning as a method of ensuring students leave university with a core set of transferable skills.   Work-based learning.qxp Learning & Employability Employab ...

  2. 2013: Student attitudes towards and skills for sustainable development

    Research into student attitudes towards, and skills for, sustainable development (SD) was conducted in 2012, continuing research from 2010 and 2011. This longitudinal study has identified trends in demands and expectations from students new to university; ...

  3. NSS Report for Computing

    2604- 3171 1685- 1776 Where there are statistically significant differences for an item, this is ...

  4. NSS Report for Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research

    This report contains 2011 National Student Survey results for Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research. The report presents UK-wide data by discipline, rather than by institution, allowing for comparison of your subject against all other disciplin ...

  5. National Subject Profile for Higher Education Programmes in: Biochemistry

    This Biochemistry National Subject Profile is one of two produced by the Centre for Bioscience in 2008.  The profiles present a detailed overview of the current state of higher education in Biochemistry and Microbiology focusing particularly on the factor ...


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