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  1. ESD_student_attitudes_2013_v4.pdf

    (86.4%, n=4916 and 80.6% n=4579 respectively) into their second year (93.9%, n=1516 and 90.7%, n=1462 application/pdf attached to:2013: Student attitudes towards and skills for sustainable development

  2. Maltby_final_report.pdf

    Understanding-.130.806 12. Communication skills-.100.786 13. Empathy-.218.780 14. Open minded.117.644 15. application/pdf attached to:To be, or not to be, a psychologist: Psychology students' implicit theories of being a psychologist.

  3. Patent_final_project_report.pdf

    page views Dec 806 466 3093 Jan 703 422 2561 Feb 364 192 1363 March 25 11 49 The data concerning AUVs application/pdf attached to:Development of an interactive online tool for building confidence in distance learners studying introductory statistics and SPSS

  4. ps0072_effective_practice_in_objective_assessment_mar_2004.pdf

    ps0072_effective_practice_in_objective_assessment_mar_2004.pdf Effective Practice in Objective Assessment Practice Guide ISBN 1-903815-10-X LTSN Physical Sciences Practice Guide Effective Practice in Objective Assessment Alex Johnstone Effective Practice i application/pdf attached to:Effective Practice in Objective Assessment

  5. Part-time_student_experience_of_HE.pdf

    Below Bachelor’s Short course Total White British 904 (80.6%) 938 (80.6%) 364 (82.9%) 54 (78.3%) 2260 application/pdf attached to:The experiences of part-time students in higher education: A study from the UK

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