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  1. Discourse Vol 9 No 2

    Editorial: 10 years of the Subject Centre In the End, It Needed a Cunning Plan Bernard Moss Social work education in the UK has been wary about spirituality, fearing that it might in some ways jeopardise the profession's hard-earned academic pedigree ...

  2. IJME62Warwick.pdf

    IJME62Warwick.pdf IJME62final v6- new.qxp International Journal of Management Education 6(2) 3 Well ... elsewhere have completed a re-orientation. As a result, there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that this ... supportive tuition. However, the support for this type of approach is not universal and there is no clear application/pdf attached to:Well Meant But Misguided: A Case Study of an English for Academic Purposes Programme Developed to Support International Learners

  3. ISN_Case_Study_Vol2.doc

    ISN_Case_Study_Vol2.doc The Study of Islam within Social Science Curricula in UK Universities Case ... students have little or no background knowledge to draw upon, and/or their common sense knowledge is ... honest’ or ‘my interest waned almost immediately’. Some students stated that the material ‘had no application/msword attached to:The Study of Islam within Social Science Curricula in UK Universities (Vol. 2)

  4. The Study of Islam within Social Science Curricula in UK Universities (Vol. 2)

    As part of the work of the ISN Dr Todd appointed Dr Max Farrar, Emeritus Professor at Leeds Metropolitan University, as a Senior Associate, to commission up to ten Case Studies from social science colleagues teaching on the topic of Islam within UK Univer ...

  5. The Study of Islam Within Social Science Curricula in UK Universities (Vol.1)

    This report sets out the finding of the first phase of the contribution by the Centre for Sociology, Anthropology and Politics (C-SAP) to the Higher Education Academy's (HEA) Islamic Studies Project. Dr Malcolm Todd, then the Associate Director of C- ...


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