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  1. ABOUT US Higher Education Academy

    work with governments, ministries, universities and individual academics in the UK, and around the ... education sector, government, funding bodies and others on policies and practices that will impact upon and ... increasing the professional standing of all staff in higher education. Governance GOVERNANCE Information ...

  2. Governance

    advice and co-ordination to the higher education sector, government, funding bodies and others on ...

  3. Policies

      Equality and diversity policy Public interest disclosure policy Compliments and complaints policy     Last updated:  Friday, 28 August, 2015 ...

  4. Financial Statements

      Report and financial Statements 2015 (PDF 2MB) Report and Financial Statements 2014 (PDF 2MB) Report and Financial Statements July 2013 (PDF 677KB)  Report and Financial Statements 2012 (PDF 846KB)   ...

  5. Minutes of Board Meetings

    Minutes of past Higher Education Academy board meetings: Board Meeting Minutes February 2016 Board Meeting Minutes November 2015 Board Meeting Minutes July 2015 Board Meeting Minutes April 2015 Board Meeting Minutes November 2014 Board Meeting Minutes Jul ...


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