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  1. Yorke M and Longden B The experiences of part time students in higher education: a study from the UK

    Student Survey 2006. Available at Link to full text ... This is the summary of a report on a study that was undertaken in early 2008 in order to gain ... Yorke M and Longden B ‘The experiences of part- time students in higher education: a study from ...

  2. Mathematical transitions: report on the mathematical and statistical needs of students undertaking undergraduate studies in various disciplines

    Geography, Sociology and Psychology. Reports were commissioned from discipline experts to provide a strong ... pre-university sectors. This report summarises the findings of these project reports and of similar work in other ... pre-university Mathematics education. The report also includes high level recommendations regarding Mathematics ...

  3. The academic practice SCORE Fellowship case study report

    project Each of the academic practice SCORE Fellows has submitted a final report, which contains full ... This case study report details the outcomes of when the Support Centre for Open Resources in ... study: pedagogical development from OER practice The academic practice SCORE Fellowship case study report ...

  4. NTFS review 2012: report on findings

    Caroline Stainton. NTFS review 2012: report on findings December 2012 Contents ... Objectives____________________________________________________ 11 1.2. Overall approach, data and methodology_________________________________ 11 1.3. Report ... process_________________________________________________ 43 4 Contributors The following people are acknowledged as co-authors of this report: Dr Mark ...

  5. NTFS 2012 data report

    NTFS pages of the HEA website: ... This report draws together information on the 2012 round of the National Teaching Fellowship ... report includes: data on the nominations to the scheme data on the new 2012 National Teaching Fellows ...


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