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Suggested Pages

  1. A Guide to the Research Evidence on Teaching Research Relations

    A guide to the research evidence on teaching-research relations 3 Introduction Clearly, the immediate ... 1 hhttttpp::////wwwwww..ddffeess..ggoovv..uukk//hhiigghheerreedduuccaattiioonn//hheessttrraatteeggyy A guide to the research evidence on teaching-research relations 7 The case of the UK 2003 White ... (Hattie and Marsh, 2004, p.7). A guide to the research evidence on teaching-research relations 13 Research ...

  2. Tribes, Territories, Research and Teaching: Enhancing the Teaching Research Nexus Literature Review

    the Teaching Research Nexus Project. The overall aim of the project is to rethink the concepts ... underlying the notion of the “teaching-research nexus” based on a review of the literature, an analysis of ... differences and teaching and learning and 3) the nature of the teaching-research nexus. The review aims to be ...

  3. Research and evidence base for student engagement

    action. These documents describe and employ the evidence that exists on the nature and benefits of student ... In 2010, we commissioned a review of research on student engagement by Professor Paul Trowler and ... Vicki Trowler. This led to the development of a literature review, a summary of the evidence, a briefing ...

  4. Resource List for Research-Teaching Linkages

    . Jenkins A (2004) A Guide to the Research Evidence on Teaching-Research Relations. Higher Education ... _gui de_to_research_evidence_on_teaching_research_relations.pdf Jenkins A, Healey M, and Zetter R (2007) Linking teaching and research in disciplines and ... Academy, York. ...

  5. Linking research and teaching in Wales

    convene a second All Wales workshop in 2010 to focus on enhancing the links between research and teaching ... Wales Edited by Simon K Haslett on behalf of the Research-Teaching Nexus Action Set 1The Higher ... Student research in community and work-based contexts 5.1 Front-line research: Teaching Assistants on ...


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