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  1. Redefining the Doctorate

    applied research preparation for employment: important issues include the doctorate as ... development and training: key issues here include the doctorate as research training, the development of ... including the essence of ‘doctorateness’, the supply chain of researchers, funding, the doctoral student ...

  2. Employability and doctoral research postgraduates

    employability for doctoral researchers (PhD is used throughout the document as a shorthand for all doctoral ... employability. untitled 2 Learning & Employability Employability and doctoral research postgraduates Dr Janet ... doctoral research postgraduates (Janet Metcalfe and Alexandra Gray) 3. Employability and part-time students ...

  3. Interactive PDF Documents

    10.11120/msor.2003.03020032 File upload msor.3.2k.pdf Taxonomy: work area Journals Taxonomy: discipline STEM Maths, Stats and ...

  4. Yorke M and Longden B The experiences of part time students in higher education: a study from the UK

    Student Survey 2006. Available at Link to full text ... Yorke M and Longden B ‘The experiences of part- time students in higher education: a study from ... a similar study- Yorke and Longden, 2007) to be concerned about finance; Summary Page 2 of 2 This summary ...

  5. The Doctorate: international stories of the UK experience

    that I produce a sequel that would enable people from other countries undertaking doctoral research in ... to reflect how their research journey mirrored the doctoral research that they were conducting/had ... orthodox narratives of doctoral research experiences. In spite of my struggle not to position contributors ...


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