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  1. Aligning teaching and assessment to curriculum objectives

    book,Teaching for quality learning at university, shortly to be released in its second edition Aligning teaching ... tuned to support high level learning. Constructive alignment (CA) is such a system. It is an approach to ... hand, all aspects of teaching and assessment are tuned to support high level learning. Constructive ...

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    life. It was first constructed by a physicist, Tim Berners-Lee, at CERN, in Geneva, for the rapid, ... OR Taxonomy: HEAV Electronic resource reviews Software reviews Learning resources Digital learning ... resources Online learning resources Technology enhanced learning ...

  3. Aligning teaching for constructing learning

    learning appropriately. Microsoft Word- Biggs.doc Aligning teaching for constructing learning John Biggs ... teaching methods used, the assessment tasks- are aligned to each other. All are tuned to learning ...

  4. Why the ‘Critique’ Fails: Constructive Alignment in Art and Design Assessment Practice

    Arno Verhoeven Abstract This paper examines the role the critique plays in a constructively aligned ... structured around reflective practice need to explicitly align learning outcomes and grade criteria to the ... alignment to learning tasks, rather than generated artifacts. DOI doi: 10.11120/tran.2012.09020078 File ...

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    resource or resource collection? A highly generic learning resource for undergraduates and postgraduates in ... uploaded as an open educational resource to the JorumOpen repository by the Learning and Teaching Advisor ... Institutional IPR documents 9. What are the lessons learned from the resource or resource collection? This ...


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