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  1. What does Dimensions of Quality tell us that can inform the Teaching Excellence Framework?'s blog Five years ago, the HEA published ‘Dimensions of Quality ... ’, in which Graham Gibbs presented a clear and challenging vision of what the ‘dimensions of quality’ in ... themselves). Dimensions of Quality paved the way for a “renewed focus on putting the student at the centre of ...

  2. Using Cloudworks to support evidence-informed OER activities

    hence a step towards adopting more evidence-informed approaches to practice. Sources of guidance and ... tools like Cloudworks can support evidence-informed practices in relation to learning and teaching. We ... support evidence-based practice. Cloudworks combines practices of socialisation, sharing and co-creation ...

  3. Dimensions of Quality: An EvidenceNet summary 12nH2AFIYcc Gibbs G ‘Dimensions of Quality’ (September 2010) Executive summary The focus of the ... departments Dimensions of quality that are difficult to quantify Evidence of the products of learning The ... Education Academy resource. Gibbs G ‘Dimensions of Quality’ (September 2010) ...

  4. Implications of 'Dimensions of Quality' in a market environment

    the dimensions of quality he identified in 2010 to make a real difference to the student experience ... and to inform students’ decision-making about where they study. 1 Implications ofDimensions of ... Dimensions of quality in 2010, at a time when the perennial debate about what constitutes quality in higher ...

  5. Dimensions of quality

    indicators of educational quality. It identifies a range of dimensions of quality and examine the extent to ... dimensions of educational quality can reasonably be used to compare educational settings. It adapts ... is examined for its ability to indicate comparative quality. Dimensions of quality by Graham Gibbs ...


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