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  1. Student retention and success: a synthesis of research ... This is the Public Accounts Committee’s response to the NAO (2007) report. The Committee reported ... This report was commissioned by the National Audit Office to explore student retention from an ...

  2. Good practice in student retention: an examination of the effects of student integration on non-completion

    This report studies how student retention is affected by learners' sense of social and ... focused activities evaluated in this research. Good practice in student retention: an examination of the ... University and University of Sunderland (Lead institution) Final Report, October 2011 1 Contents Contents ...

  3. Inclusive curriculum design in higher education inclusion/DevelopingEmbeddingInclusivePolicyPractice_ ReportFinal.pdf [3 January 2011]. May, H. ... inclusion/disability/Involvement_StrategicApproachesFinal. pdf [3 January 2011]. McCormack, H. ... documents/johlste/vol3no1/0051.pdf [26 December 2010]. Bolaki, S. (2008) Turning the classroom ...

  4. Peer mentoring works

    This document discusses how public policy has both negatively and positively impacted higher education ... (HEIs) are affecting student retention. Peer monitoring offers support to students and is suggested as ... document, are also available separately in Word format in order that they can be adapted and adopted by ...

  5. Dispositions to stay and to succeed

    This report is a project output as part of the What works? Student retention and success ... institutions to learn from their work and improve student retention and success. It is anticipated that the ... higher education. This document includes reports that enhance practice and provides toolkits and ...


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