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  1. Embedding OERs Institutionally

    This presentation by Neil Morris is from the HEA/SEDA conference held in July 2012. Following ...

  2. Dr Neil Morris

    National Teaching Fellow 2012 Dr Neil Morris ’ research background as a neuroscientist is in ... neurophysiology and his current research interests are in educational technology and blended learning. Neil has ... the Faculty. Neil heads the University of Leeds Bioscience Education Research Group and is the ...

  3. Open Educational Practice (OEP) approaches to external collaboration: the arts, charities and business

    using them if dedicated training or mentoring were made available and if using OER extended the range of ... if this relationship is totally unrelated to OER. As the existing relationship can cover a varied ... This case study explores the use of OER in three partnerships between universities and external ...

  4. Work-related learning in higher education- Neil Moreland

    Work-related.qxp 1 Learning & Employability Work-related learning in higher education Neil Moreland, ESECT ... (Geoff Layer) 6. Entrepreneurship and higher education: an employability perspective (Neil Moreland) JUNE ... learning in higher education (Neil Moreland) 2. Employability for research postgraduates (Janet Metcalfe) ...

  5. Student use of OER and assessment

    contextualisation was needed within the OER if they were make sense as a free-standing entity. Utilising the ... document (building on the existing self- 6 assessment within each OER) and four task-based OER centred on ... student use and experience of OER and assessment: 1) ‘OERs, e-assessment and learning’; 2) ‘SCORE Higher: ...


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