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    potential uses for this communications vehicle are almost unlimited and, as more and more people gain access ... to it, so its potential as a teaching tool becomes more attractive. DOI doi: ... resources Online learning resources Technology enhanced learning ...

  2. Threshold concepts in statistics and online discussion as a basis for curriculum innovation in undergraduate medicine

    discussion forums are promoted as a means of informing this process as well as enhancing student learning ... Taxonomy: HEAV Interdisciplinary education Online learning Learning resources Case studies ... statistical e-learning tools generated through the MSOR Network-funded project ‘Statistics in medicine: ...

  3. Report 21: Online Discussion in English Studies: A Good Practice Guide to Design, Moderation and Assessment

    students said... What does using an online discussion board add to the study of English as you have ... 26 3.10 Conclusion 26 Case Study: Assessing Discussion Forum Postings 27 4. Online Workshops and ... workshops as part of a distance learning programme. Online discussion forums may, in fact, be of advantage ...

  4. Creating and Assessing Discussion Forums in English Studies

    discussion forums in English studies, by drawing on the project team’s substantial experience in this area ... Salmon’s five-stage framework for online learning, as outlined in E-moderating (2000) and E-tivities (2002) ... and by investigating the use of forums at other English departments in the UK. By the conclusion of ...

  5. Assessment for Learning Active Learning in Live Projects

    This case study offers a brief review of recent literature about three forms of active learning ...  through Assessment in Business and Management, Hospitality, Sport, Leisure and Tourism    3    Assessment for Learning: Active Learning in Live Projects   Case Study Methodology The current ... real-world behaviour and academic teachers can focus on their task as facilitators of learning. Discussion ...


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