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    10.11120/msor.2003.03020032 File upload msor.3.2k.pdf Taxonomy: work area Journals Taxonomy: discipline STEM Maths, Stats and ... OR Taxonomy: HEAV Electronic resource reviews Software reviews Learning resources Digital learning ... resources Online learning resources Technology enhanced learning ...

  2. Assessment for Learning Active Learning in Live Projects

     Learning through Assessment in Business and Management, Hospitality, Sport, Leisure and Tourism    2    Assessment for Learning: Active Learning in Live Projects   • A group report documenting the ... partners. • An individual reflective log-book documenting the student’s own contribution to the project ... marketing objectives and team performance. Students documented the quantitative and qualitative results of ...

  3. Analysis of Academy Resources supporting the JISC Transforming Curriculum Design and Delivery Programmes- Phase Two (203KB, PDF)

    themes. Where resources currently exist and are accessible, the weblinks point to the appropriate assets ... 14 15 ... Materials Engineering, the CORE-Materials repository24 contains more than 1300 open educational resources in ...

  4. Document Management 1

    document management. Training is delivered using an online resource, 2-3 weeks prior to a course work ... Institutional IPR documents 9. What are the lessons learned from the resource or resource collection? This ... This case study looks at the use of Open Educational Resources for undergraduate medicine, ...

  5. Analysis of Academy Resources supporting the JISC Transforming Curriculum Design and Delivery Programmes (171KB, PDF)

    be provided to assets pages on websites rather than to individual resources, which may be an actual ... document file. Assets pages generally provide contextualisation which may be important for browsers and ... 20 21 ...


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