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  1. Teaching Gender & Sexuality Issues in Politics and IR

    Tickner, 2001; Carpenter, 2005; Steans, 2006; Jones, 2009; Youngs, 2004). These literatures span across the ... (for example see Bretherton, 2003), international security (for example see Tickner, 2004) and so on. ... 1997; Davis, 2005; Guiffre et. al., 2008). This is obvious when one scans the contents of journals such ...

  2. Issues, impact and innovation in placement partnerships: An evaluative report

    Music 3.2.1 Background 3.2.2 Placement organisation and timing 3.2.3 Paperwork/documents/policies 3.2.4 ... Documentation 4.7 Assessment 4.8 Written outcomes 4.9 QAA Codes of Practice 5 Acknowledgements 3 1. Introduction ... Paperwork/documents/policies There is a raft of paperwork for this placement including the Mentor Handbook, Student agreement ...

  3. Discourse Vol 9 No 2

    development of, vocational skills and competencies' (QAA 2004). Since church ministries could be seen as ... a consideration of the issues arising from the module. pp. 49-58 Spiritual Journey Board Game Aru Narayanasamy and ... as a connected whole. While the project has highlighted issues and challenges that emerge when giving ...

  4. Ethics in Accounting

    issues located specifically in an accounting context. Haywood, McMullen and Wygal (2004) examined the use ... This document details the results of research undertaken on current practices in the teaching of ... document details the results of research undertaken on current practices in the teaching of ethics in UK ...

  5. Should Higher Education respond to recent changes in the forensic science marketplace?

    doi: 10.11120/ndir.2012.00080027 File upload ndir.1.8.e.pdf Taxonomy: work area Journals Taxonomy: ... Volume/Issue Vol 1, Issue 8 Date Saturday, 1 September, 2012 Journal Name New Directions Author(s) ... discipline STEM Physical Sciences Taxonomy: HEAV Curriculum Course content Controversial issues Curriculum ...


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