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  1. Journals

    Higher Education Pedagogic Journals The academic publishers Taylor & Francis are publishing ... a new journal, Higher Education Pedagogies which is supported by the Higher Education Academy. Professor ... Education Academy’s journals are now also being hosted by Taylor & Francis. These can now be found ...

  2. Bioscience Education Journals

    SUBJECT CENTRE LEGACY RESOURCE. A resource list of Bioscience journals focussing on education for ... use by students and staff. /subjects/bioscience/resource-list-education-journals About the author ...

  3. Assessment of the journal in Fine Art studio practice

    aim of this initiative was to assess the creative journal while developing critical awareness and ... greater understanding of the subject area. The new journal assessment pro forma has facilitated this ... process. The assessment of the reflective journal in Fine Art was developed with close observation of the ...

  4. Using online learning journals to enhance students' engagement with literary theory

    In this case study I describe how online learning journals were used to help students to engage ... with literary theory on a module on contemporary Canadian fiction. The reflective journals enhanced ... preparation for each seminar. When students were asked to evaluate the usefulness of the journals, they were ...

  5. Undergraduate E-Journals

    editors of their own scientific journal. Split into small research groups, the students come up with ... final say on whether or not a paper is published. We use professional Open Journal Systems software to ... run the submission, review and publication processes of the journal online and, since 2008, all the ...


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