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  1. Online virtual journal for engineering students: Engineering Subject Centre mini-project report

    Journal for Engineering Students project enables students to submit technical papers, have them reviewed ... by experienced researchers and be published online. The online journal accepts submissions based on ... in a process which gives them experience of how to prepare and submit research papers to a journal ...

  2. Using online learning journals to enhance students' engagement with literary theory

    In this case study I describe how online learning journals were used to help students to engage ... with literary theory on a module on contemporary Canadian fiction. The reflective journals enhanced ... preparation for each seminar. When students were asked to evaluate the usefulness of the journals, they were ...

  3. QMUL Undergraduate History Journal

    The Queen Mary Undergraduate History Journal (QMULUHJ) is a publication in which undergraduate ... undergraduate students at Queen Mary created the journal and the methods by which the students have built upon ...

  4. Journals

    The academic publishers Taylor & Francis are publishing a new journal, Higher Education ... submitted here.   The back catalogues of the majority of the Higher Education Academy’s journals are now ... Bioscience Education Journal: (Bioscience Ed) Business and Management Education in HE: (BMHE) Enhancing ...

  5. Access Permitted: Developing Open Access Journals for Early Career Researchers and Staff Development

    Resources (OER) in the shape of an open access journal in a staff development context in UK higher ... access journals aimed at providing high quality forums for early career researchers. Combining with ... e-journals, one journal in particular – Journal of Second Language Teaching and Research (JSLT&R) – has ...


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