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  1. Perceptions of quality and approaches to studying in higher education: A comparative study of Chinese and British postgraduate students at six British business schools

    has been argued that an approach combining memorising with understanding is typical of students from ... research compared students from mainland China with British students taking the same postgraduate ...

  2. In praise of survey trends, and the tricky business of tinkering

    institution and the new student cohort. Thus, improvement can often be readily identified and random noise ... of the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) the section on student motivations was moved from ... to have students answer questions around learning and teaching, and to reflect this these attitudinal ...

  3. Student voice

    Refers to the values, opinions, perspectives, and cultural backgrounds of students within a HE ...

  4. Using the student voice to drive the quality enhancement agenda through the production of Staff Student Liaison Committee Annual Reports

    reflects upon the introduction of Staff Student Liaison Committee Annual Reports and the positive impact ... including students has had on student perceptions. ...

  5. Engaging students in enhanced academic transitions: a case of two projects using student voice and technology to personalise the experience

    presentation introduces two projects which use student voice and technology to personalise the experience and ... initiatives with international students aiming to enhance their engagement with learning transitions and ... relationship with the students and enhance their academic skills before arrival and during study. The ...


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