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  1. A Changing World: the internationalisation experiences of staff and students (home and international) in UK Higher Education

    Much has been written about the internationalisation of higher education (e.g. Knight, 2008; Caruana & Spurling, 2007), and international student numbers have increased greatly in the UK with the Prime Minister's Initiative (PMI, 1999 & PMI 2 ...

  2. A Changing World: the internationalisation experiences of staff and students (home and international) in UK Higher Education- a summary

    This is an EvidenceNet summary of the 2008 study by Fiona Hyland (ESCalate, Subject Centre for Education), Sheila Trahar (University of Bristol, Graduate School of Education), Julie Anderson (ESCalate, Subject Centre for Education), and Alison Dickens (LL ...

  3. Bringing home the swampiness of life: the use of peer-assessed problem-based case studies within food science and technology by the integration of industry sponsored technology transfer projects into student learning

    Over a number of years the University has been successful in obtaining a range of Teaching Company Scheme awards (now renamed as Knowledge Transfer Partnership awards). These projects are normally two-three years in length and involve a recent graduate be ...

  4. What do home students think of studying with international students?

    A new survey commissioned by the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) and the Higher Education Academy (HEA) reveals that students believe they benefit in many ways from studying alongside people from other countries. But the benefits are clearer to i ...

  5. CEBE Guide to Writing Assessment Criteria [Briefing Guide No. 06]

    improve the quality of the student's learning. cebe briefing template 6 CEBE Guide to writing ... Assessment Criteria ➡ continued over May 2006 1 ISSN 1744-9839 Dr Andrew Roberts, CEBE, Cardiff University ... Email: CEBE BRIEFING GUIDE SERIES No. 6 Introduction There is a view amongst some ...


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