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  1. Proceedings from annual conference 2006: CETL-MSOR 2006

    Proceedings from annual conference 2006: Continuing Excellence in the Teaching and Learning of ... Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research. Conference Proceedings CETL-MSOR Conference 2006 Edited by ... David Green CETL-MSOR Conference 2006 Loughborough University 11th – 12th September Conference ...

  2. The Merit of Sandwich Degrees in Comparison with Post Graduate Conversion Courses

    Built Environment Education Annual Conference (BEECON 2006) This paper considers the relative merits of ...

  3. Theory and Practice of Project-based Learning in Built Environment Education: a CEBE Case Study on Innovative Design Project Work

    and Practice of Project-Based Learning in Built Environment Education: A CEBE Case Study on Innovative ... implemented for the second generation of the module in 2006. A guest lecturer was invited from the Taylor ... students. In the reflective commentary coursework item, one student wrote: “By writing a detailed design ...

  4. Supporting External Examiners on Architecture Courses in UK Universities [Briefing Guide No. 07]

    Architecture) and CEBE (Centre for Education in the Built Environment) in consultation with external examiners, ...

  5. Educational methods to stimulate student responsibility for learning in Built Environment education

    Paper from Built Environment Education Conference (BEE Conference) 2005 The 1963 Robbins Report on higher education in the UK proposed, inter alia, more than doubling full-time student numbers (to 560,000) by 1980. This marked the beginning of rapid, dram ...


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