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  1. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

    In 2016-2017 we will provide discipline-specific support to academic staff whatever your area of ... STEM focus. We will do this with: a programme of discipline-specific events, including a STEM teaching ...

  2. Engineering Management- the lost discipline?

    This paper was presented at the 2008 Engineering Conference- Innovation, Good Practice and ... Research in Engineering Education. This paper will explore what we mean by engineering management and ... describe the approach taken at Aston University when introducing a Masters programme in engineering ...

  3. Intellectual property in the Engineering syllabus: a model for integrating key but not core concepts across the disciplines

    allows self managed learning to take place between groups of students from different  disciplines (law and engineering ... education across the disciplines as key to achieving successful graduate and postgraduate  employment and enterprise career paths. The project team is a unique blend of engineering ... cumulative learning experiences to integrate relevant material from other disciplines  into the core engineering ...

  4. Engineering Subject Centre Student Awards 2010, WINNER "'Imagine you are an engineering lecturer for a day: how would you teach your student?"

    and it would appear the same is true for the 30 or so mixed-discipline engineers who had just sat down ... engineering”, but which in reality allowed us to bring together a collective knowledge from multiple disciplines ... SUBJECT CENTRE LEGACY RESOURCE, Engineering Subject Centre Student Awards 2010, WINNER ...

  5. Engineering graduates for industry: London South Bank University, Faculty of Engineering, Science and the Built Environment- case study

    a broad range of university types, geographical locations (within England), engineering disciplines, range ... University Faculty/ School Engineering disciplines covered in this study Exemplars Aston University School of ... 14.Sponsored degree programmes 15.Discipline-based support (engCETL) Engineering Graduates for Industry Report ...


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