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  1. Enhancing the employability of stage 2 maths & stats students through the school of maths & stats careers management skills award

    students in the School of Maths & Stats at Newcastle University have had the opportunity to take part ... awarded the School of Maths & Stats Career Management Skills Award. Ultimately the aim is for the ...

  2. New-to-teaching quantitative methods to non-maths students

    Dr Natasha Taylor This new-to-teaching workshop has been specifically designed for people who ... STEM, and Health and Social Care disciplines. Students often do not expect statistical content in their ... lecturers, postgraduates who teach, researchers and others who have been teaching for less than two years. It ...

  3. 43799-prob-stats-ff-for-web.pdf

    conjunction with and is distributed by the Higher Education Academy Maths, Stats & OR Network. For more ... Academy Maths, Stats & OR Network. For more copies contact the Network at Guide ... 43799-prob-stats-ff-for-web.pdf For the help you need to support your course mathcentre is application/pdf attached to:Probability & Statistics Facts, Formulae and Information (Reference: FF3)

  4. maths_resources_feb09.pdf

    principles. v) Catch Up Maths and Stats: For the Life and Medical Sciences by M. Harris, G. Taylor and J. ... a series of workbooks, computer-aided learning courseware and computer-aided assessments. xi) Maths, Stats ... and OR Network resources The HEA Maths, Stats and OR Network produce a wide range of maths resources application/pdf attached to:Maths Resource Database

  5. TT_Maths_Sociology.pdf

    “quantitative methods”; “teaching quantitative methods”; “maths/stats anxiety”; “teaching Statistics”; and ... TT_Maths_Sociology.pdf 1 Skills in Mathematics and Statistics in Sociology and tackling transition ... 4 Main findings How quantitative is UK Sociology? The use of numbers in Sociology Discipline guidance on application/pdf attached to:Skills in Mathematics and Statistics in Sociology and tackling transition


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