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    Journals STEM Maths, Stats and OR Postgraduates Postgraduates who teach Lectures Learning design ... to address the Induction Course for Lecturers New to Teaching Mathematics in UK HE (organised by the ... Maths, Stats and OR Network). I had attended the event as a delegate in 2003, and was keen to pass on my ...

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    Dr Natasha Taylor This new-to-teaching workshop has been specifically designed for people who ... STEM, and Health and Social Care disciplines. Students often do not expect statistical content in their ... lecturers, postgraduates who teach, researchers and others who have been teaching for less than two years. It ...

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  5. 'I didn't Take a Politics Degree to Study Maths': Teaching Quantative Methods in a Qualitative Discipline

    10.11120/msor.2010.10010021 msor.10.1f.pdf Journals STEM Maths, Stats and OR Educational development Global citizenship ...


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