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  1. 797.43088bec.draft_manual_on_islamic_law_and_human_rights_comparative_perspectives_25_may_2009.pdf

    797.43088bec.draft ... _manual_on_islamic_law_and_human_rights_comparative_perspectives_25_may_2009.pdf ils5 1 Draft Teaching Manual Islamic Law and Human Rights: Comparative Perspectives May 2009 Shaheen ... Draft manuals prepared thus far by the project team may be accessed at application/pdf attached to:Islamic Law and Human Rights: Comparative Perspectives

  2. Draft your nomination

    Preparing an NTFS nomination is an opportunity to reflect critically on your own teaching and teaching in your institution. Submitting an NTFS nomination requires time and preparation. The following points should be considered: make sure your claim relate ...

  3. draft_manual_on_islamic_law_and_muslim_diaspora_for_website.pdf

    draft_manual_on_islamic_law_and_muslim_diaspora_for_website.pdf Draft Draft Islamic Law and the application/pdf attached to:Islamic Law and the Muslim Diaspora

  4. Draft_reports_on_value_of_field_visits-1.pdf

    Draft_reports_on_value_of_field_visits-1.pdf Report on how links with local Muslim communities/ ... are a range of reasons why a visit takes place within a Religious Studies programme, and when you add application/pdf attached to:Report on How Links With Local Muslim Communities/ Field Visits Could Enhance Teaching in Religious Studies

  5. What works? Student retention and success change programme: Phase 2

    The HEA's What works? Student retention and success change programme is about identifying and ... evaluate Phase 2 of the programme from 2012-15. Phase 2 builds on Phase 1 of What works? programme  and focuses ... on implementing and evaluating its findings. Specifically Phase 2 of the What works? programme ...


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