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  1. Proceedings from annual conference 2006: CETL-MSOR 2006

    Proceedings from annual conference 2006: Continuing Excellence in the Teaching and Learning of ... Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research. Conference Proceedings CETL-MSOR Conference 2006 Edited by ... David Green CETL-MSOR Conference 2006 Loughborough University 11th – 12th September Conference ...

  2. ALM13 International Conference, Queen’s University, Belfast July 2006

    Professional teaching practice Research informed teaching ... Volume/Issue Vol 6, Issue 3 Date Tuesday, 1 August, 2006 Journal Name MSOR Connections Author(s) ... Valerie Seabright Abstract This year’s international conference of ALM (Adults Learning Maths, an ...

  3. External Examining: Aspects of induction and briefing 2004-6 (Silver 2006)

    suggested the desirability of the interviews that were conducted. Induction events (2006) Six of the ... The final report on a research project on the induction and briefing external examiners for ... INDUCTION AND BRIEFING 2004-6 REPORT TO THE HIGHER EDUCATION ACADEMY HAROLD SILVER June 2006 External ...

  4. Jan 2006: IT was twenty years ago today

    look forward to future work.   Jan 2006: IT was twenty years ago today … maths caa series: January 2006 ... for Computer Aided Learning in Mathematics began. Details of the work during the last twenty years can ... provided reliable marking throughout that time. This method maths caa series: January 2006 retains the ...

  5. CETL–MSOR Conference 2006

    CETL–MSOR Conference 2006 (Continuing Excellence in the Teaching & Learning of Maths, Stats & OR) ... Loughborough University, Monday 11th – Tuesday 12th Sep 2006 The aim of this conference is to promote, explore ... teaching, learning and assessment. The conference will appeal to all those teaching Mathematics, Statistics ...


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