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  1. Proceedings from annual conference 2006: CETL-MSOR 2006

    Proceedings from annual conference 2006: Continuing Excellence in the Teaching and Learning of ... Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research. ...

  2. ps0074_factors_influencing_curriculum_development_in_chemistry_Nov_2006.pdf

    goal-free effect. This is an evolving area for research and holds promises of directing teaching in ... ps0074_factors_influencing_curriculum_development_in_chemistry_Nov_2006.pdf Factors influencing ... 465418 Email: Web: Ngozi Mbajiorgu and Norman Reid March 2006 application/pdf attached to:Factors Influencing Curriculum Development in Chemistry

  3. ALM13 International Conference, Queen’s University, Belfast July 2006

    international conference of ALM (Adults Learning Maths, an international forum for researchers and ... practice Research informed teaching ... Vol 6, Issue 3 Tuesday, 1 August, 2006 MSOR Connections Valerie Seabright This year’s ...

  4. CETL–MSOR Conference 2006

    Vol 6, Issue 2 Monday, 1 May, 2006 MSOR Connections CETL–MSOR Conference 2006 (Continuing ... – Tuesday 12th Sep 2006 The aim of this conference is to promote, explore and disseminate emerging good ... practice and research findings in Mathematics and Statistics support, teaching, learning and assessment. ...

  5. formative_evaluation_of_accredited_programmes_may_2006.pdf

    in terms of the research relating teaching to student learning. Based upon this evaluation and the ... student-focused in their teaching. Formative evaluation of accredited programmes May 2006 4 On the other hand ... outcomes The research evidence on the proposition that good teaching has positive effects on student application/pdf attached to:Formative evaluation of accredited programmes


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