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  1. HE_in_FE_synthesis_final_May_2010.pdf

    role of FECs widening participation. The 4 colleges in the research have provided detailed case studies ... HE_in_FE_synthesis_final_May_2010.pdf Synthesis Page 1 of 54 EvidenceNet is a Higher Education ... professional body awards mainly in business, accountancy and engineering. The detailed history of the application/pdf attached to:Higher Education in Further Education Colleges Report

  2. PALATINEDevAward-Rifkin-2010-Ethics.pdf

     – for example the European Union and the British Arts Council.  In response the Theatre Education  Network has produced a practitioners’ ethics  framework, and Equity  is promoting a practitioners’  contract.  This research ... Higher Education conference, Lancaster University, 30‐31  March, 2010.    Acknowledgement of  contribution of  collaborating departments  and individuals  ... PALATINEDevAward-Rifkin-2010-Ethics.pdf Microsoft Word- RifkinEthics         THE ETHICS OF application/pdf attached to:Ethics of Participatory Theatre in Higher Education

  3. HEA Conference 2010- Delegate Comments

    A podcast of delegate comments from the HEA Annual Conference, 2010. ...

  4. cs_nereo_recognition_report_2010xx.pdf

    in March 2010 on Methods for Pedagogic Research I intend to conduct research into the wider impact of ... own institution. My abstract for the Visual Sources conference in March 2010 (supported by the ... cs_nereo_recognition_report_2010xx.pdf Filippo Nereo Lecturer in German Studies, University of application/pdf attached to:Recognition Scheme Case Study: Blended-Learning Techniques

  5. EA_2009_2010_synthesis_report.pdf

      Glenaffric’s report made clear that the EA 2009‐10 projects are works in progress, and that the May  2010 event ... EA_2009_2010_synthesis_report.pdf Microsoft Word- EA2009_synthesis.docx ...  year in a supportive role with each team, in most cases as a member of a senior steering group within the  institution. A main three‐day residential event application/pdf attached to:The Enhancement Academy 2009-10: An Evaluative Report


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