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  1. The Engagement Survey UK Pilot- Project overview and the experience from the University of Oxford

    Presentation STUDENT DATA MANAGEMENT AND ANALYSIS May 16, 2013 The Engagement Survey UK Pilot – Project ... This session will introduce a UK pilot of survey items derived from the National Survey of Student ... by the HEA. The session will describe the background to the use of engagement surveys in the UK, the ...

  2. Adapting the AUSSE and NSSE: 1. Fitting In: Student experiences of belonging.

    A presentation from the Surveys for Enhancement Conference, 2013. This study employs a survey ... instrument for measuring sense of belonging and the Australian Survey of Student Engagement questions ... relating to student belonging and engagement. The survey was conducted with first year, first semester ...

  3. A generic survey instrument for student 'belongingness' and engagement.

    A presentation from the Surveys for Enhancement Conference, 2013. Students' sense of ... the National Survey of Student Engagement which is widely used in the US. Discussion will include the ... instrument's relationship with enhancement. Slide 1 ‘What Works?’ Phase 2 Tracking engagement, belongingness ...

  4. 'Be nice to me': An individual's view of mass student surveys

    gleaned from student surveys to enhance their institutional performance in future surveys. The dominance ... effects of the NSS • Survey driving practices beyond its intention • Room for better interpretation and ... to metrics and comments in ways that may not be profitable in terms of direct educational gains. This ...

  5. Circling the Boxes and Squaring the Circles: The challenges of using student surveys to enhance provision

    A presentation from the Surveys for Enhancement Conference 2013. The presentation focuses on the ... dialogue with students but also serves as an important mechanism for enhancement. Heading to go here ... – student survey activity 2006-2010 2. Problems and pressures we needed to respond to 3. What we have done ...


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