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  1. "Softening" computer forensics: Kneading, shaping and proving the curriculum, accessed 31/01/11 Selamat S R 1, Yusof R, Sahib S, Mapping Process of Digital Forensic ... at Accessed 31/01/2011 Krebs, Valdis E (2002), Uncloaking Terrorist ... This paper was presented at the ICS 2011 Conference entitled 'Enhancing Employability of ...

  2. Commentary on HEA/ECU programme: Improving the degree attainment of BME students (2011) 9The Higher Education Academy / Equality Challenge Unit – 2011 aimed at developing pedagogical ... Academy / Equality Challenge Unit – 2011 ... Considerations and challenges in addressing degree attainment................... 13 3.1 ...

  3. 2011: First-year student attitudes towards, and skills in, sustainable development

    Full sample details can be seen in Appendix 5. 21The Higher Education Academy – 2011 7.2.1 Existing ... 31The Higher Education Academy – 2011 In order to prevent the loss of understanding of which skills are ... towards, and skills in, sustainable development 1The Higher Education Academy – 2011 ...

  4. Guiding staff through the process of selecting appropriate english language tests for university entry

    The BALEAP Guidelines on English Language Tests for University Entry is a web-based one-stop shop for information on language tests which can assist admissions staff in interpreting test scores and understanding the differences between tests. The presente ...

  5. Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey 2011

    been a slight increase in the ratings for this item in PTES 2011. Assessment and feedback Students were ... This document outlines the results of the 2011 Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES), where ... students can expect across the UK.   Microsoft Word- PTES_report_2011 Page 1 of 75 The Higher Education ...


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