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  1. The full picture: A STEM educator’s perspective on a HEA enhancement event

    STEM blog's blog Jenni Carr This blog post was compiled by Julie Hulme, HEA Consultant in ... Academic Practice ( The HEA enhancement event in York on 12 November, is ... through co-creation (with Jane Priestley) This workshop will explore the use of the HEA’s students as ...

  2. The STEM view of an HEA enhancement event on supporting student success

    STEM blog's blog Jenni Carr   This blog post was compiled by Paul Yates, HEA Consultant in ... For further details of a workshop linked to this resource, please see below. Workshops Following ... Andy’s keynote there are three workshops in the morning session that will be of interest in terms of STEM ...

  3. CISP-HEA-Final-report-IS_2012.pdf

    CISP-HEA-Final-report-IS_2012.pdf Microsoft Word- updatedCISP HEA Final report on IS 2012 ... Systems Professors (CISP) and the Higher Education Academy Professor F. A. Stowell S. K. Probert July 2012 ... with respect to ‘IS’ and ‘IT’); • Members of CISP present at the meeting in London on 16th May 2012 application/pdf attached to:HEA STEM (Computing): A Survey and Analysis of the Information Systems (IS) discipline in the UK for the Council of Information Systems Professors (CISP) and the Higher Education Academy

  4. Final_ASB_SC_HEA_Arabic_Project_May_2012.doc

    Final_ASB_SC_HEA_Arabic_Project_May_2012.doc Interim Report Research Report ARABIC LANGUAGE AND THE ... Dr. Alison Scott-Baumann, Lancaster University Dr. Sariya Contractor, University of Derby March 2012 ... religious faith and their Western social contexts (Contractor 2012) and they usually look for clarity in application/msword attached to:Arabic Language and the study of Islam

  5. The Delta 09 conference at Gordon’s Bay South Africa: 30 Nov- 4 Dec 2009

    Mathematics and Statistics, Delta 09, was held at Gordon’s Bay near Cape Town, South Africa. Its predecessor ... Journals STEM Maths, Stats and OR Further education institutions Institutional subscriptions Demonstrations ...


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