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  1. Raising Earth Science awareness amongst Year 11 & 12 school students

    University to raise awareness of Earth Science amongst Year 11 and 12 school science students, and to outline ... events can help raise subject awareness and that the GEES community may benefit from similar events in ... the 2007 GEES Subject Centre Conference on Recruitment and Retention Issues in the GEES Disciplines. ...

  2. Analysis_of_the_Learning_and_Teaching_Strategies_2011-12-to-2013-14_in_Wales.pdf

    note of the HEFCW Corporate strategy 2010-112012- 13. However, detailed linking of strategies to ... Analysis_of_the_Learning_and_Teaching_Strategies_2011-12-to-2013-14_in_Wales.pdf Analysis of the ... Learning and Teaching Strategies 2011/12 to 2013/14 in Wales Professor Howard Colley & Professor Mick application/pdf attached to:Analysis of the Learning and Teaching Strategies 2011/12 to 2013/14 in Wales


    CS11_THE_ECONOMIC_BENEFIT_OF_THE_2012_GAMES.pdf THE ECONOMIC BENEFIT OF THE 2012 GAMES: PROVIDING ... A LEGACY OR xxxxxxxxx Case Study  THE ECONOMIC BENEFIT OF THE 2012 GAMES   At  the  time  of  London’s  ... bid  to  host  the Olympic and Paralympic Games in  2012  the  cost  of  the  Games  was  estimated  application/pdf attached to:THE ECONOMIC BENEFIT OF THE 2012 GAMES Case study

  4. Paper_for_HEA_conference_E_McDonald_ALTC_v1_1.pdf

    Paper_for_HEA_conference_E_McDonald_ALTC_v1_1.pdf Microsoft Word- Paper for HEA conference ... and Teaching Council Paper prepared for Higher Education Academy Conference Theme: Designing higher ... teaching spaces. Only one12 of these is complete. It was funded under the learning and teaching spaces application/pdf attached to:Australian universities' response to the priorities of the Australian Learning and Teaching Council

  5. Health Sciences 2012 conference: ‘Innovation, Simulation and the Evolution of Technology-enhanced Learning in Healthcare Education’, East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham, 31 May 2012

    undertaken. doi: 10.11120/hsce.2012.01010011 hsce.1.1.j.pdf Journals Health and Social Care Higher and further ... Monday, 24 August, 2015 Health & Social Care Chris Dinsdale Thursday 31 May 2012 saw the first ... annual conference for the Health Sciences discipline cluster take place at the East Midlands Conference ...


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