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    STEM annual learning and teaching conference, it therefore seemed fitting to ask students who attended ... STEM blog's blog izzyb As ‘Enhancing the STEM Student Journey’ was the theme for our third ... sharing their experiences of the event and its relevance for themselves. A big ‘thank you’ from all of the ...

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  5. HEADDM-Farthing(2012)MappingTechTheatreTraining.pdf music/Farthing_2012 This research and report was commissioned and funded by the HEA via its ... A launch event and seminar is being proposed by the CDD for winter 2012/13 in order to circulate the report ... HEADDM-Farthing(2012)MappingTechTheatreTraining.pdf Anna Farthing Mapping Technical Theatre Arts application/pdf attached to:Mapping Technical Theatre Arts Training


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