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  1. Employability Skills for Planners

    agendas of planning schools and the Royal Town Planning Institute (McClelland 2012, Parkes 2011, Stewart ... Employers Mick McLoughlin MRTPI August 2012 August 2012 Dec 2011 Employability Skills for Planners Contents ... this report. The project, carried out during the summer of 2012, was commissioned by Jane Kettle, ...

  2. GLAD NSS Report

    satisfaction scores vary across different disciplines (see, for example, Vaughan and Yorke 2009, p.8). And for ... scoring disciplines. As the influence and reach of the NSS has increased- most recently in its inclusion ... noted that the average satisfaction scores vary across different disciplines (see, for example, Vaughan ...

  3. Sexually transmitted infections in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-indigenous people (Australia)

    The following case study is divided into four parts addressing key areas for public health from: diagnosis, prevalence, protection and policy development, and explores patient narratives as well as service and policy perspectives. Each case study is under ...

  4. Beginning the journey; foundation students' expectations and engagement

    A presentation from the HEA's Annual Conference, 2012. Our mixed methods study of foundation ...

  5. Best practice in supporting large numbers of international students undertaking research as part of taught masters courses in the business and management field.

    A presentation from the HEA Annual Conference, 2012. The session identifies the barriers that ...


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