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  1. An audit of doctoral students in Social Work across the UK: the need for a national network

    of these did not complete their name and contact details on the survey. 1.6.7 Attendance at a meeting ... was conducted during the Summer of 2012. The audit was commissioned by the Higher Education Academy ... doctoral students, which was conducted during the Summer of 2012. The audit was commissioned by the Higher ...

  2. Teaching the disciplines in Education Studies

    second year they specialise in two disciplines, which they study in some considerable detail, with ... development of one of the disciplines. A detailed outline of the Philosophy component and resources used with ... learning we have constructed a course with the following weekly components: Weekly event Discipline lecture ...

  3. Internationalisation 2012-13 change programme

    discipline-specific academic literacies: a language awareness-raising approach 36 Internationalisation 2012-13 change ... organising future events. They can tailor presentations to their own disciplines and faculty and contribute ... experiences by inculcating an internationalist culture. The programme consisted of the following key events ...

  4. Innovation in the assessment of social science research methods

    In June 2012 HEA Social Sciences held its first learning and teaching summit, which focused on ... teaching research methods in the Social Sciences. In December 2012 we commissioned 11 projects that were ...

  5. Employability Skills for Planners

    agendas of planning schools and the Royal Town Planning Institute (McClelland 2012, Parkes 2011, Stewart ... Employers Mick McLoughlin MRTPI August 2012 August 2012 Dec 2011 Employability Skills for Planners Contents ... this report. The project, carried out during the summer of 2012, was commissioned by Jane Kettle, ...


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