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  1. GLAD NSS Report

    satisfaction scores vary across different disciplines (see, for example, Vaughan and Yorke 2009, p.8). And for ... scoring disciplines. As the influence and reach of the NSS has increased- most recently in its inclusion ... noted that the average satisfaction scores vary across different disciplines (see, for example, Vaughan ...

  2. Sexually transmitted infections in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-indigenous people (Australia)

    The following case study is divided into four parts addressing key areas for public health from: diagnosis, prevalence, protection and policy development, and explores patient narratives as well as service and policy perspectives. Each case study is under ...

  3. The monstrous model: shape-shifting in the life-drawing space

    project ran from 2002-2012. It underwent a number of structural reincarnations in its ten-year history; ... then from 2008-2012, run by Cast-Off Drama with the support of Leeds Art Gallery Education and ... Four phases of The Art of the Life-Model at Leeds Art Gallery, 2002 – 2012 Oct 2002 – June 2006: ...

  4. Introducing choice in the Higher Education dance technique class

    there is a requirement to address the tension between openness and boundaries in more detail ... performed by the original owner of the material, the choreographer’ (2012: 17) and it could be argued that ... which to develop a more refined model of practice. References Aceto, M. (2012) ‘Developing the dance ...

  5. Beginning the journey; foundation students' expectations and engagement

    A presentation from the HEA's Annual Conference, 2012. Our mixed methods study of foundation ...


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