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  1. Analysis_of_the_Learning_and_Teaching_Strategies_2011-12-to-2013-14_in_Wales.pdf

    Analysis_of_the_Learning_and_Teaching_Strategies_2011-12-to-2013-14_in_Wales.pdf Analysis of the ... Learning and Teaching Strategies 2011/12 to 2013/14 in Wales Professor Howard Colley & Professor Mick ... institutions to submit learning and teaching strategies for the period 2011/12 to 2013/14. A key difference in application/pdf attached to:Analysis of the Learning and Teaching Strategies 2011/12 to 2013/14 in Wales

  2. HEA Social Sciences strategic priorities 2013- 14: funding opportunities and events

      Strategic priorities Throughout 2013- 14 our cluster will be focusing on three strategic priorities with the ... ‘work’ Discipline workshop and seminar series Call closes on 31 July 2013 The first funding opportunity ... seminar during the series and produce an associated report for the sector. For further details including ...

  3. Digital literacies in student transitions.pdf

    infokit Digital Literacy 14 Source: Digital Literacy infokit Digital Literacy 15 Source: Digital Literacy ... Digital literacies in student transitions.pdf Opening Up Discipline Resources and Practice Digital ... focused on the development of the appropriate digital literacies and skills. • identifying these skills application/pdf attached to:Student transitions: journeying into, through and beyond higher education

  4. Marketing, Finance & Accounting and Public Relations Update- March 2014

    event will be held at London South Bank University’s, Keyworth Centre on March 13 between 5:30 and 9:00 ... For details of upcoming grants, conferences and events, please see our Social Sciences newsletter for ... HEA_MarketingEd             Welcome to the March update for Marketing, Finance & Accounting and Public ...

  5. developing_research-based_curricula_in_cbhe_14.pdf

    developing_research-based_curricula_in_cbhe_14.pdf Developing research-based curricula in ... college-based higher education Mick Healey, Alan Jenkins and John Lea March 2014 1 Developing research-based ... be made a Principal Fellow of the HEA. In 2013 he received a SEDA@20 Legacy Award for Disciplinary application/pdf attached to:Developing research-based curricula in college-based higher education


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