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  1. A partnership in digital media technology: the Yamaha Disklavier and Falmouth University's performance centre

    A presentation from the HEA Annual Conference, 2013. This is a paper presentation, intended to fit ... within the 'Organisations as Partners' strand of the conference. It will take the form of a 15 ...

  2. Skills in Mathematics and Statistics in Geography and tackling transition

    sciences, humanities and social sciences. In 2014, based on data from the University and Colleges Admission ... information. The ESRC International Benchmarking Review of UK Human Geography (2013) states that “in many ... the media, public policy, and in social and scientific debate. Focus groups are organised with ...

  3. Use of social media in aiding transition to higher education

    plans for future use of this tool. Use of social media in aiding transition to higher education Louise ... social media. It is likely that this statistic will be relevant for the majority of the different ... populations from which first year students come and thus the use of such media could be a useful tool in ...

  4. A maverick in the mind: exploring the haunting spectre of tensions in 'maverick' educators' fostering unconventional student-learner relationships and empowerment against existing tensions within educational frameworks

    Research. 3rd ed. London: Sage. Sparkes, A.C. (2013). Qualitative research in sport, exercise and health in ... A presentation and paper from the Arts and Humanities Annual Conference 2014. Some educators are ... haunted by the spectre of a ‘maverick in the mind’. Wilfully driven and shaped by life experiences they ...

  5. Employability in Europe: enhancing post graduate complementary skills training

    was funded as an ITN in 2008, completing in May 2012. It was selected for funding amid high ... likely to be employed in a variety of other common doctoral occupations compared to social science ... sessions and social networking), and the focus on topics which would both help in their research study and ...


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