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  1. Introduction to Pedagogic research- a tool kit for engineering academics

    kit comprises a series of briefing papers linked to examples of pedagogic research and evaluation from ... a programme of support for engineering academics in the area of pedagogic research. Using expertise within the ... Over a two year period the engCETL and the Engineering Subject Centre collaborated to develop ...

  2. Seminar and webinar events archive

    research and teaching may be linked in academic practice in HE. It seeks to unravel the various links ... through scholarship, research (both subject-based and pedagogic) and curriculum. The presentation draws ... resistance to the institutional oversight of research ethics and integrity in HE arises because of the way in ...

  3. A dialogue between critical realism and phenomenology in educational and pedagogical research

    empirical social research. Her discussion of the “morphogenetic approach” returned to the analytical dualism ... can research in either approach contribute to educational policy and practice? How important is ... a philosophical component of research training in education and other social research? If you would like to join ...

  4. Pedagogic_Research_Guide_Final_Version.pdf

    accessible introduction to pedagogic research along with a practical guide containing hints and tips on how ... Introduction to Pedagogic Research: a toolkit for Engineering Academics. Available online: ... Research 61 14. Appendix 2: Developing an Action Plan for Pedagogic Research 65 1 Introduction Introduction application/pdf attached to:Getting Started with Pedagogic Research within STEM Disciplines

  5. Innovating the independence in the independent study: creating a pedagogical tool to enhance student engagement in research activity

    a pedagogical tool to enhance students understanding of the processes and requirements of the independent ... resources that might benefit students particularly in relation to their research project. Students ... presented with the opportunity to test out and explore the pedagogical tool ...


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