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  1. Review of External Examining Arrangements: Regional Fora

    these events are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. Full details of the project can be ... As part of the HEA's review of external examining arrangements, we are organising four ... external examining from a range of higher education providers across the four nations. Each forum will be ...

  2. Enquiry_into_the_nature_of_external_examining.doc

    development event (one of whom also attended a focus group). The 34 external examiners who were interviewed ... external examiner were generally realised in practice. The main ‘downside’ experience was expressed ... had substantial institutional programmes. External examiners saw induction events as everything from application/msword attached to:Enquiry into the Nature of External Examining

  3. id380_Enhancing_Support_for_External_Examining_Report_and_Action_Plan.pdf

    induction events. While explicit rejection did not surface often it is implicit in some cases where external ... Institutional event for new examiners. The institution hosts a one day meeting for newly appointed external ... event for all external exam- iners. Such events try to cater for different needs and interests by application/pdf attached to:Enhancing Support for External Examining: Report and Action Plan

  4. 1GEES_external_eval_report_departmental_workshop_programme.doc

    1GEES_external_eval_report_departmental_workshop_programme.doc Contact: Page 2 Evaluation of the ... and carried out by The KSA Partnership in late 2006 and early 2007. There are some details about our ... People said it helped them to initiate processes of change informed by external ‘expert’ perspectives. application/msword attached to:GEES Subject Centre External Evaluation Report: Departmental Workshop Programme

  5. br_hca_historyseminars_xxxxxxxx.pdf

    br_hca_historyseminars_xxxxxxxx.pdf Effective Teaching in History Seminars Issues History seminars ... Thinking by Discussion (Surrey, SRHE, 1986) A Booth & P Hyland (eds), History in Higher Education: New application/pdf attached to:Effective Teaching in History Seminars


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