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  1. br_hca_historyseminars_xxxxxxxx.pdf

    br_hca_historyseminars_xxxxxxxx.pdf Effective Teaching in History Seminars Issues History seminars ... In History, seminar discussion is rightly regarded by both tutors and students as critical to ... subject of much research on student learning, and of a great deal of discussion among History tutors. Most application/pdf attached to:Effective Teaching in History Seminars

  2. HCA_student_essay_winner_Lau_Adelia.pdf

    HCA_student_essay_winner_Lau_Adelia.pdf Student Writing Scheme Student Essay Award 2009 “Why ... I chose to study History, Classics or Archaeology at University” Deadline: 10 th April 2009 Name: Adelia ... History application/pdf attached to:Student Essay Award 2009 "Why I chose to study History, Classics or Archaeology at University"

  3. Resource Guide in Exploring Ethics, A Practical Resource Guide for Tutors and Students

    Guide for Tutors and Students presents materials and examples for tutors of research methods and for ... SUBJECT CENTRE LEGACY RESOURCE, This Practical Resource Guide outlines the ethical issues that ... undergraduate and masters students engaging in social science research. The Guide also contains background ...

  4. A guide to enhancing Student skills and confidence in dealing with quantitative data in History

    This guide suggests ways in which students can be helped to appreciate the importance and value- ... and limitations- of numbers in history, and to overcome their fears of numbers through the integration ...

  5. Introducing_students_to_the_practice_of_history.pdf

    important approach for effectively doing history- and where the tutor is positioned as a professional ... partner who guides the student to ask the best questions (a brilliant tool for the practice of history ... know-how to guide the students into the authentic study of History. Do not be fooled: students are human application/pdf attached to:Introducing students to the practice of History


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