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  1. Bridging the Lecturer/Student Divide: The Role of Residential Field Courses

    higher education, especially among recent school-leavers. Bridging that divide allows lecturers and ... E Goodenough An artificial, and generally unhelpful, divide between lecturers and students frequently occurs in ...

  2. Bridging Educational Divides? An Inclusive Approach to Teaching First Year Planners

    Vol 6, Issue 2 Tuesday, 1 September, 2009 Transactions Deborah Peel Paula J. Posas This contribution describes a pedagogical innovation within a core module ‘Aspects of Effective Communication’ taught at Liverpool University’s Department of Civic Design t ...

  3. Roe workshop details.pdf

    Roe workshop details.pdf The University Campus as a Learning Resource in Humanities: A Workshop. ... University Campus as a Learning Resource in Humanities’ is a successful HEA-funded project in which BA ... resources on the University of Roehampton’s campus in a ‘campus project’ research module. This workshop is application/pdf attached to:The university campus as a learning resource: a workshop

  4. Written Feedback for Students: too much, too detailed or too incomprehensible to be effective?

    effectiveness of written feedback at both universities. The paper presents a more detailed analysis specifically ... this paper was carried out by the Formative Assessment in Science Teaching (FAST) project during the ...

  5. Bridging the gap to final year laboratory projects: a Level 2 Research Skills module

    sciences, University of East Anglia, was established to act as a bridge between taught, prescriptive ... project. ...


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