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  1. Architects-in-education working with architects-in-practice: developing employability skills in first year architectural undergraduates

    TDG project- Individual round 1 A project case study from a Teaching Development Grant project ... , Individual round 1. This project sought to improve employability skills in first year Architecture ... project are discussed in detail in Implications for the student learning experience. ...

  2. Developmental pathways through mentoring

    An individual teaching development grant project report from the University of Stirling. ... Developmental pathways through mentoring 2 An individual teaching development grant project report Lead: Ginny ... Saich Institution: University of Stirling Project title: Developmental pathways through mentoring. ...

  3. On Teaching Political Philosophy through Original Texts

    philosophy)—i.e. the project design is somewhat unusual; third it presents a case of text-based philosophy teaching ... collaboration. The overall conclusions are that this project supports arguments made elsewhere for text ... In this paper Jerry Spring reports on a project that is successfully introducing second-year ...

  4. Transforming Higher Education Through Technology-Enhanced Learning

    to underpin transformation. Two of these were projects in the Scottish e-Learning Transformation ... council planned and supported a programme of e-Learning Transformation (ELT) projects from 2004 to 2007 ... some pointers from the interim evaluation of the SFc-funded transformation projects in the eLT ...

  5. Using role and reference grammar to support computer-assisted assessment of free text answers

    This report by Elizabeth Guest and Sarah Brown details a project that seeks to explore better ways ... in which to assess continuous short text submitted by students as assignments on HE undergraduate ... courses. The research covered in this report has attempted an analytical approach of free text involving ...


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