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  1. Integration of the Principles of Sustainability into the Chemistry Curriculum at the University of Bradford

    between the Chemistry department at the University of Bradford and Ecoversity- a centre within the ... university which aims to promote and introduce the principles and practice of sustainability throughout the ...

  2. The Challenges Of Teaching History and Philosophy Of Science, Technology and Medicine To 'Science' Students

    This article reflects on the problems of teaching HPSTM and offers strategies for resolution. ...

  3. Reuse as Heuristic: from transmission to nurture in learning activity design

    In recent years a combination of ever more flexible and sophisticated Web technologies and an ... explosion in the quantity of online content has sparked learning technologists around the world to pursue ... the promise of the 'reusable learning object' or RLO with the idea that RLOs could be reused ...

  4. The Best Use of Infinity: Open Educational Resources and the Politics of Knowledge

    Educational Resources’ (OER) and originally as ‘OpenCourseWare’ (OCW). Essentially this is the practice of ... go, cyberspace is pretty big. Whether we want to pursue this concept of the internet as a physical ... space, the idea of the geography of infinity is an interesting one to consider when discussing how best ...

  5. Balancing the demands of in-school placement with out-of-school study

    Report from an ESCalate-funded project completed in 2011. The affordances of mobile technologies ... schools. Balancing the demands of in-school placement with out-of-school study The affordances of mobile ... Email: Partners: Claire Bradley Faculty of Education, London Metropolitan ...


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