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  1. HCA_student_essay_winner_Lau_Adelia.pdf

    HCA_student_essay_winner_Lau_Adelia.pdf Student Writing Scheme Student Essay Award 2009 “Why ... interweaving tapestry of lives. Each individual had his or her contribution to making history, indeed, all ... events are a part of history, but only some are selected and remembered, all else is gradually forgotten. application/pdf attached to:Student Essay Award 2009 "Why I chose to study History, Classics or Archaeology at University"

  2. br_hca_historyseminars_xxxxxxxx.pdf

    br_hca_historyseminars_xxxxxxxx.pdf Effective Teaching in History Seminars Issues History seminars ... E f f e c t i v e T e a c h i n g i n H i s t o r y S e m i n a r s 2 | P a g e Educational Aims of Seminar Work All the current research on student learning emphasises the importance of application/pdf attached to:Effective Teaching in History Seminars

  3. Feeding back in musical performance: Exploring feedback practice in relation to students' and tutors' learning and teaching experience

    considered feedback in all the different teaching/learning and assessment contexts of the modules and aimed ...

  4. Feeding the Four Hundred

    group in the School. Probability 1 is taken by almost all first year mathematicians plus a number of ...

  5. Sustainability in Student Engagement – Assessing the Impact of Formative ‘Feed-Forward’ on Reflective Learning

    feed-forward) comments were sent to all students within one week of their presentation. Finally, students were ... students’ reflection and ‘feed-forward’ planning was assessed from this short report. In this assessment the ... ‘feed-forward’ comments; (c) reflected upon these comments; and (d) formulated a plan for improvement. Out of 60 ...


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