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  1. From Reaction to Transparency: Transforming the students learning experience through a strategic approach to disability, inclusion and diversity

    concept of an inclusive curriculum and the integration of provision for disabled students. This is ... achieved through a strategic approach to policy and practice and the development of an inclusive Learning, ...

  2. Building Inclusive Academic Communities: Case Studies in History, Classics and Archaeology

    employability: key themes in the work of the HCA and Higher Education Academy. The case studies provide future ...

  3. Making Mathematics Teaching Inclusive – Access for Disabled Students to Symbolic Languages in Electronic Media

    how this is made accessible to disabled students. It focuses on the issues that arise from the now ... doi:10.11120/msor.2006.06040029 msor.6.4h.pdf Journals STEM Maths, Stats and OR Disabilities Learning difficulties Learning ... disabilities Dyslexia Visual impairments Skills Learning cycle Learning outcomes Learning styles Student ...

  4. Disability equality

    disabled student engagement- Inclusive learning and teaching in HE: a synthesis ... UK disability legislation requires HE providers to anticipate and address the entitlements of ... disabled students within all policies and practices, as well as to respond to their individual requirements ...

  5. disability-embedding-success.pdf

    Strategies for Supporting Disabled Students May 2003 to May 2006 Theme Inclusive learning and assessment Host ... for disabled Psychology students (IPDPS) Theme Inclusive learning and assessment Host institution ... to December 2005 Theme Inclusive learning and assessment Host institution University of Plymouth application/pdf attached to:Embedding success: Enhancing the learning experience for disabled students


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