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  1. HLST_NSS_Discipline_Report.pdf

    HLST_NSS_Discipline_Report.pdf Microsoft Word- HLST_NSS_Discipline_Report_FINAL_new NSS Discipline application/pdf attached to:NSS Report for Hospitality, Sport, Leisure and Tourism

  2. BOXING CLEVER: What boxing can tell us about our culture & society

    SUBJECT CENTRE LEGACY RESOURCE, HLST learning legacies. Resource pack: boxing. ...

  3. Employability and global citizenship in the Social Sciences: funded projects

    employability: how do Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism (HLST) students articulate their employability? ... (, Plymouth University We propose to focus on the employability awareness of HLST students as they ... focus group sessions with students from HLST programmes to explore their articulation of their ...

  4. How green are the Games? Sustainability in mega-event planning

    SUBJECT CENTRE LEGACY RESOURCE, HLST Learning legacies. Case study: the Olympic Games, the ...

  5. Research project merit and distinction assessment criteria

    SUBJECT CENTRE LEGACY RESOURCE. Edexcel criteria for project assessment in HLST. ...


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