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  1. The pedagogical benefits and pitfalls of virtual tools for teaching and learning laboratory practices in the Biological Sciences

    virtual laboratories and tools. This project critically reviewed the pedagogical benefits and pitfalls of ... 2007). Practical work, whether it be in the laboratory, field or “in-silico”:  re-enforces knowledge and ...

  2. Assessment for Learning Active Learning in Live Projects

    classroom-based theoretical learning and practical experience driving personal development. Little importance has ... in-depth integration of theory and practice; the “live” project provides sustainable real learning, plus ... Practical learning experience Meetings/presentations Project teams present and discuss their project tasks ...

  3. Rethinking final-year projects and dissertations: creative honours and capstone projects

    final-year project: 1. Laboratory-based project The laboratory-based project provides an opportunity to ... research-based study for undergraduates (Ramsden 2008, 10-11). Re-imagining capstone projects has implications ... subjects and different kinds of institution. The project assembled an international good practice ...

  4. SWAP funded project report: Social work law in practice

    A research project to explore social work student& #39;s law learning on practice placement. ... 2005- 2006 Social Work Law in Practice a research project to explore social work students’ law learning ... 23 80 59 2779 Email: Social Work Law in Practice a research project to ...

  5. SWAP funded project report: The Impact of Work Based Learning on Students' Understanding of Citizenship and their Role in the Community

    Academy Supporting learning and teaching report Funded Projects 2005- 2006 The Impact of Work Based ... Introduction Aim This project seeks to investigate the impact of work based learning upon the way that students ... In 2005 SWAP funded eight projects in social policy and social work education designed to promote ...


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