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  1. id477_aligning_teaching_for_constructing_learning.pdf

    id477_aligning_teaching_for_constructing_learning.pdf Microsoft Word- Biggs.doc Aligning teaching ... for constructing learning John Biggs Summary 'Constructive alignment' starts with the notion ... outcomes, constructive alignment, criterion-referenced assessment, teaching for active learning, systems application/pdf attached to:Aligning teaching for constructing learning

  2. Aligning teaching and assessment to curriculum objectives

    tuned to support high level learning. Constructive alignment (CA) is such a system. It is an approach to ... meant that universities are severely under-resourced. Classes are not only larger than they were a few ...

  3. What is the Constructivism in Constructive Alignment?

    paper examines the concept of constructive alignment in respect of science education. The concept is ... behaviourist approach to curriculum planning. Linking the two components in constructive alignment purports to ... placed in the context of its two contributory components- constructivism and instructional alignment. The ...

  4. Aligning teaching for constructing learning

    'Constructive alignment' starts with the notion that the learner constructs his or her ... teaching methods used, the assessment tasks- are aligned to each other. All are tuned to learning ...

  5. Why the ‘Critique’ Fails: Constructive Alignment in Art and Design Assessment Practice

    the critique plays in a constructively aligned, student-led curriculum in studio based teaching. It is ... align learning outcomes and grade criteria to the practice of artifact generation in order to help ... to understand the perceptions of a cohort of students to a critique variation aligning it more ...


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