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  1. Assessment for Learning Active Learning in Live Projects

     Learning through Assessment in Business and Management, Hospitality, Sport, Leisure and Tourism    2    Assessment for Learning: Active Learning in Live Projects   • A group report documenting the ... performance. • A group or individual presentation of the project to HIB-internal stake holders and/or project ... organisation and the alignment of teaching, learning, practical experience, reflection and assessment. Table 1: ...

  2. Sport and the Law

    Sport and law is a very interesting and rewarding area to teach. It has great potential to engage ... teaching and research. Written by Dr Hazel Hartley, Principal Lecturer in Learning, Teaching and ...

  3. Sports Psychology

    Sport Psychology is a science in which the principles of psychology are specifically applied in a sporting environment. The major aim of the sport psychologist is to help sports participants reach their sporting potential. Written by Stewart Cotteril, Sen ...

  4. Closing the loop tutor engagement in formative assessment for an impact on the learner experience

    literature and explore whether this model has any implications for learning and teaching in ‘real’ ...

  5. The Group, the Team and the Task Force: The enhancement of group work as a teaching methodology

    Force: The enhancement of group work as a teaching methodology (1) Keywords: group work; media; ... • Encourages efficient use of time and resources Groups working effectively learnt how to delegate and respect ... delegation. Technical and staffing resources are used for a group of students rather than individuals. The ...


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