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  1. Sport and the Law

    Sport and law is a very interesting and rewarding area to teach. It has great potential to engage students and practitioners in real life issues and to develop multi- and interdisciplinary work in both teaching and research. Written by Dr Hazel Hartley, P ...

  2. Sports Psychology

    Sport Psychology is a science in which the principles of psychology are specifically applied in a sporting environment. The major aim of the sport psychologist is to help sports participants reach their sporting potential. Written by Stewart Cotteril, Sen ...

  3. Closing the loop tutor engagement in formative assessment for an impact on the learner experience

    The case study reports on two projects that explored tutors’ and students' perceptions of assessment. Data from three Open and Distance Learning environments- King’s College London, the external programmes of the University of London and the Open Uni ...

  4. Assessment for Learning Active Learning in Live Projects

    This case study offers a brief review of recent literature about three forms of active learning: simulated student projects are contrasted with live projects in the form of internal service projects and projects with external partners. Type (3) is referre ...

  5. A case study in sports mega event bid management: Discussion starter

    SUBJECT CENTRE LEGACY RESOURCE Discussion Starter. For the British people, Wednesday 6th July, ... (Conservative) and Charles Kennedy (Liberal   HLST Learning Legacies: Discussion Starter – February 2010 1 Discussion Starter  ... you  think  this  has  made  a  difference  to  the  effective  organisation  of  the  Games?   HLST ...


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