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  1. Engaging Sport Students in Assessment & Formative Feedback (accessed 16/12/08) Castle, P., Incledon, V., and Waring, M. (2007) Enhancing Feedback: The ... (accessed 16/12/08) Dale, C., and Lane, A.M. (2004) Carry on Talking: Developing Ways to Enhance ... (accessed 16/12/08) Dale, C., and McCarthy, P. (2006) I Like Your Style: The Learning Approaches ...

  2. Learning and Teaching Guides: Problem Based Learning in Sport, Leisure and Social Sciences

    Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Network’s e-journal (JoHLSTE) has two useful papers: ― Martin, West ...

  3. Resource Guide in Using Images in Tourism Education

    Education, Vol 6 No1 Race, P. (1999) ...

  4. Inclusive curriculum design in higher education documents/johlste/vol3no1/0051.pdf [26 December 2010]. Bolaki, S. (2008) Turning the classroom ...

  5. Resources, references and tools for assessment in the biosciences

    A briefing from the UK Centre for Bioscience which brings together references and resources in specific areas of learning and teaching in the biosciences. Assessment Resources, references and tools for assessment in the biosciences UK Centre for Bioscienc ...


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